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Key Features:
  • Complete Standalone Operation: No PC required to operate the duplicator.
  • Able to copy BDXL discs: Able to read/write BD-RXL Quad Layer(BD-R QL, 128GB), Triple Layer(BD-R TL, 100GB), and BD-REXL Triple Layer(BD-RE TL, 100GB).
  • Supports all currently available Blu-ray, CD & DVD discs including Double/Dual layer: Can duplicate Single Layer Blu-ray / CD / DVD±R/RW and Double/Dual Layer Blu-ray / DVD±R Formats.
  • Target: 1
  • USB 3.0/2.0 CopyConnect: Able to connect the duplicator directly to a PC for more convenient duplication of master content via USB 3.0/2.0 connection.
  • CopyProtection (optional): Able to create copy protected DVD Video copies from an original master using the Copy Connect feature. Transfer image files with the embedded protection directly from a PC to the duplicator's internal HDD.
  • Load and Copy Supported: Improved "Load and Copy" to make duplication from Hard Drive faster than ever by simultaneously copy into the blank media while Loading to the hard drive
  • Continuous Hard Drive Partitioning: The HDD partitions are created without limitations using the same amount of space as the actual content size on the disc. No longer do you have to worry about loosing valuable HDD capacity because your duplicator allocates the exact space required without wasting space like standard partitions on other controllers.
  • Auto DVD Format Conversion: Can convert media between DVD+R/RW and DVD-R/RW automatically.
  • Industry leading 256MB buffer memory *: Keeps all drives burning without pausing (known as buffer underrun) for the most stable and reliable high speed duplication - The higher the memory buffer the less likely to encounter buffer underrun errors.
  • Supports all common CD Formats with Additional Special format including CD-TEXT, ISRC, Over-Burned CD.
  • Drive firmware upgradeability: Capa
    • Product Type: Standalone BD/DVD/CD Duplicator
    • Copying Modes: 1 to 1
    • Form Factor: Tower
    • Imaging Drive: 500 GB Hard Drive Integrated
    • Color: Black
    Size01 Target
    ColorAs Shown
    Dimensions12 x 7 x 8.5 inches

    Vinpower Digital SharkBlu-S1T-XL-BK SharkBlu HDD to 1 Target BDXL Blu-ray DVD CD Disc Duplicator Tower with 500GB Hard Drive

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