Get back at your roommate for eating your Tuna Salad Sandwich with this Voodoo Coat Rack! Made to look like a voodoo doll, this coat rack is the perfect novelty accessory for anyone with a sense of humor or a penchant for the macabre. This coat rack comes with coat hangers that are made to look like pins, completing the voodoo effect. All you need is someone to be mildly miffed with! The 9 “pins” along with the 8 hook “fingers” make for a total of 17 hanging racks. The unique design is sure to raise eyebrows and elicit a few laughs. Plus, it’s a great way to spook a friend who’s been complaining about lingering “tennis elbow.” Get your Voodoo Coat Rack today!
  • 36.75 in. Tall x 24 in. Wide; Pin Coat Hangers: 4.25 in. Long Each
  • Coat Rack; Looks Like Voodoo Doll; Coat Hanger "Pins"; 17 Total Hooks
  • Perfect for Dorm Rooms, Kooky Apartments, Kids Rooms, More; Cheeky Novelty Item; Made in China

Voodoo Doll Wooden Coat Rack w/ "Pin" Coat Hangers

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