WAERATOR W2 Instant Wine Aerator: Take a Sip of Bottled Luxury Unlock aerated taste and elevated aromas with the Waerator W2 Electric Wine Aerator. As the most comprehensive aerating solution, the wine aerator instantaneously transforms traditional classics into show-stopping drinks packed with emboldened flavors. It’s an essential wine, whiskey, scotch, and beer accessory that can be transported and used for nearly any occasion. You can host a wine tasting event, drink some beer during Sunday football, or even roam around Napa Valley. Whether you’re a wine lover or a whiskey enthusiast, the wine diffuser allows you to taste luxury in seconds without spills, decanting, and long waits! With this wine tool, you can savor an entire bottle during holiday get-togethers or a glass or two during a romantic dinner. The airtight rubber seal will keep your wine fresher longer, so you don’t have to waste any bottles! Then, quickly clean the Waerator in just minutes with water. No complicated maintenance needed!​ From bold beers to sweet wine, the wine breather will give you a new world of flavor. Bottled luxury awaits you with the Waerator Wine Bottle Aerator. Enhances the Flavor of Wines Pair the Waerator’s straight tube with standard 750ml bottles to enjoy aerated wine without sediments. As the wine enters the spout, the decanter infuses it with air to soften tannins and enhance hidden flavors in seconds. You’ll no longer have to decant and wait long hours for your wine to breathe! Delight in the true luxury taste of red wines, select white wines, and young and old wines with just a press of a button. Aeration in Seconds State-of-the-art one-button technology pumps air into the bottle to promote aeration and 6x more surface area oxidation than traditional funnels. The spout will then precisely pour aerated wine into your glass at a rapid rate of 1.2 oz every 2 seconds! Aerate Wine Anywhere A compact design allows the wine aerator pourer to fit practically any sized container from a purse to a picnic basket, while a soft finish ensures comfortable use every time. Stay at home and enjoy wine by the fire, host a barbecue at the park, or stroll down the beach. No matter where you go, the electric aerator will be your wine’s best friend. Emboldens Select White Wines With the wine aerator, you can discover the hidden qualities of dry, full-bodied white wines and savor the sumptuous flavors of Chardonnay, Riesling, and Bordeaux Blanc. Perfect for Whiskey, Scotch & BeerMake your drinks the centerpiece of any occasion. With the flexible tube, you can aerate non-standard sized bottles of whiskey, dark or bitter beers, scotch, and select IPAs to enjoy rich taste and refined aromas.
  • EASY 1-BUTTON AERATION – With a press of a button, you can have 6x more surface area oxidation & luxuriously flavorful taste
  • FOR ALL YOUR FAVORITE DRINKS – Pair with red and white wines, whiskey, scotch, and bitter beers to enjoy fireworks of flavor
  • NO SPILLS & STAINS – A spout quickly delivers aerated drinks without spills and sediments at a rate of 1.2 oz every 2 sec.
  • NO MORE WASTED WINE – Lock out air with the decanter’s airtight rubber seal and preserve your favorite drinks longer!
  • SIMPLE MAINTENANCE – After use, just draw clean water through the wine aerator for quick and effortless maintenance
Dimensions5.2 x 2 x 3.8 inches

WAERATOR W2 Luxurious Instant 1-Button Electric Wine Aerator w/ Spout - 6X More Oxidation for Wines, Scotch & Whiskey


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