WORKSHOP is taking ash vacuums to a new level. The ash vac has a powder-coated metal drum for durability, and includes metal wands that store neatly in the vacuum's caddy. The ash vacuum cleaner also comes with a specially designed hose with LED light is ideal for dark fireplaces, BBQ pits, or fire pit ash cleanup. Compact and Portable Ash Vacuum This ash vac is ideal for collecting ashes under 122˚ F. Perfect for fireplace ashes, cleaning out BBQ grills or wood pellet grills, and cleaning outdoor fire pits or chimineas. The highly portable ash vacuum comes with a HEPA media filter that will collect ash and fine debris. It also comes with a metal wand and nozzle that store on-board, and a hose with a built in LED light to let you see what you are cleaning in the dark fireplace or fire pit. Non-Stick Coated HEPA Media Filter The 5-gallon ash vacuum has a non-stick HEPA media filter behind a metal mesh cage. The filter captures ash and fine media and PTFE coating helps reduce the clogging from fine debris on the face of the filter. Perfect for Fireplaces Having too much ash can prematurely burn out your grate, and cleaning smaller fireboxes or combustion chambers can be messy unless you have the WORKSHOP WS0500ASH vacuum. Outdoor Fire Pits and Chimineas Whether you built a custom fire pit or bought an outdoor pit, chimney, or chiminea, the WORKSHOP WS0500ASH Ash Vacuum has you covered for easy ash clean up after outdoor gatherings around the fire. Barbecue and Wood Pellet Grills It doesn’t matter if you prefer dry rubs or sauce, or if you cook brisket or hot dogs. Your charcoal grill or wood pellet stove creates ash, and the WORKSHOP WS0500ASH Ash Vacuum is there to 'Suck It Up.' LED Light Improves Visibility The hose on the WORKSHOP WS0500ASH Ash Vac comes with an LED light that helps you see into the small dark areas when collecting your ashes. WORKSHOP makes sure that collecting dark ashes in a small, dark area is as easy as possible.
  • The powerful performance in this compact ash vacuum cleaner makes quick work of cleaning ashes and fine dust under 122 degrees Fahrenheit
  • LED light on the ash vac's hose end for better visibility into stoves, fire pits, and fireplaces
  • For dry use only, not designed for wet pick up like most shop vacuum cleaners
  • HEPA media filter in this ash vacuum cleaner helps capture ashes, dust, and fine particles and is coated with a non-stick material to help reduce filter clogging
  • Large carry handle on the ash vacuum cleaner for easy transport to pellet stoves, fireplaces, or chimeneas
Dimensions17.8 x 13 x 14 inches

WORKSHOP Ash Vacuum Cleaner WS0500ASH, 5-Gallon Ash Vac For Fireplaces, Stoves, BBQ Pits; 3.0 Peak Horsepower Ash Vacuum

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