Get prepared for those long, hot summer days with this innovative Wagan Cool Air Car Cushion (item # 9886). As you drive, a powerful intake fan distributes air to your back, legs, and thighs. This circulating air provides cool relief that satisfies and helps reduce perspiration. Cool air is dispersed through 18 ventilation holes while additional circulation is provided by the grooved cushion bars. Avoid the shock of sitting in a hot, sticky car seat after a hot day in the sun. Particularly effective in an air-conditioned environment, the adjustable high or low air flow settings let you match your personal preferences and the current climate. This cool cushion will fit in all types of vehicle seats but is also great for the home or office (with optional AC adapter, sold separately). Enjoy a more comfortable summer commute or road trip and cool off at your desk or on the couch. Simply plug The Wagan Cool Air Car Cushion in, sit back, relax, and stay cool!
  • Adjustable air flow settings (high/low)
  • Powerful intake fan
  • Grooved cushion
ColorLight Gray
Dimensions4 x 22 x 22 inches

Wagan Cool Air Car Cushion


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Light Gray

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