Fuel Pump Electric Universal Intank Fuel Pump; Gerotor Style; 190 lph; +350 HP; Larger Inlet Hole In Center Of Bottom Of Pump To Smaller Port Outlet; FEATURES: Universal Intank Fuel Pump Walbro Fuel Pumps Are Durable Units. Fluid thinking(TM) shapes the mindset of TI Automotive. Global automotive manufacturers turn to TI Automotive for insight and focus to develop industry-changing fluid storage, carrying and delivery technology. With 14,000 employees at 126 locations in 27 countries, our strength lies in our ability to creatively meet and exceed the increasing fuel economy and emissions regulations of tomorrow's auto industry. TI Automotive commits its integrated global resources exclusively to enable customers to differentiate their products, be competitive and more effectively meet regulatory requirements for performance, safety and emissions.
  • Wide Range Of OEM Inlet Adaptors
  • Low Amperage Draw
  • Wide Range Of High-Efficiency, High-Performance Automotive Makes
  • Capable Of Handling High Horsepower Under Standard Operating Conditions
  • Design Based On TI Automotive OEM Chevrolet Corvette And Dodge Viper Technology
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Walbro High Performance GSS242 Universal Intank Fuel Pump


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