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0.1 Cubic Feet, 5.1 lbs, 2.83 Liters of high capacity softener resin. If your softener is more than five years old or there is a lot of iron in your water then you might need to replace your filter media known as Ion-Exchange Resin. We are providing new resin supplied in the very stable sodium form. Specification of the Water Softening Resin: Polymer Structure Styrene Crosslinked with DVB Functional Group R-(SO3)–M+ Ionic Form, as shipped Sodium (Na+) Physical Form Tough, Spherical Beads Screen Size Distribution 16 to 50 +16 mesh (U.S. Std) < 5 % -50 mesh (U.S. Std) < 1 % pH Range 0 – 14 Sphericity > 93 percent Uniformity Coefficient Approx. 1.6 Water Retention Sodium Form 42 to 49 percent Solubility Insoluble Approximate Shipping Weight 5.1 lbs low moisture Swelling Ca+2 or Na+ to H+ 5 to 9 percent Total Capacity Sodium Form 1.9 meq/ml min Hydrogen Form 1.8 meq/ml min
  • Water Softening
  • iron removal
  • Soft water
  • Hardness removal
  • clean fixtures
Dimensions15 x 4 x 12 inches

Water Softener Resin(Cation) Ion-Exchange 0.1 Cubic Foot - 5.1 pounds -2.31 Kgr; Packaged for RV, portable style water softeners or any other resin replacement applications.


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