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Political correctness appears innocuous enough until one truly looks at the ripple effect created by today's manipulative players looking for an advantage. Political correctness is a lie because saying it isn't so, doesn't change the facts...the facts are that pigs don't fly and life "ain't" fair! This charade has become so ingrained in our culture today that no one is willing to call it what it is; a facade for a culture of entitlement based on denial and rejection of responsibility. While political correctness has been solidifying its place in our lives for some time now, it has recently been joined by its natural adjunct partner...socialism. Our current administration has decided it knows what's best for us in spite of a majority of voters expressing an opposing opinion. But my real fear is that his agenda and ambitions are going to destroy America... Obama is not the first president with a large streak of narcissism. But the others had equally expansive feelings about their country. He epitomizes today's "me" culture with their "it's not my fault" mentality supported by their entitlement attitude. He is the embodiment of everything that is "wrong" with America today...he is the maestro of the blame-game (mistakes will be made, but others can be blamed). We have misplaced our traditional values while buying into the liberal's progressive mindset. Our losses have been mounting for decades and the accumulative consequences are coming to bear. The list is endless: common sense, common courtesies, responsibility, accountability, integrity, family values, love of country...and God. I'm not suggesting he caused this decline in America's moral values; but I would suggest his radical vision for America...and beyond, is to take what we see today to the next level. From his distorted perspective he is myopically focused on shepherding us to what's "right" for America.
  • ISBN13: 9781452060316
  • Publisher: Authorhouse
  • Pubilcation Year: 2010
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Pages: 00368
Publication DateOctober 13, 2010
Primary CategoryPolitical Science/General

We the People: A Christian Nation

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