Item Details Weiler Trulock 12 X 0.02 Wide Face Crimped Wire Wheel Brush with 2 arbor hole is intended for use on straight grinders as well as stationary machines such as bench or pedestal grinders, buffing lathes and rotates at a speed of 3000 RPM. Carbon steel brush with a trim length of 2 7/8 has a solid ring construction that ensures the brush will run smoother and last longer, even in the toughest application situations. They have a wider face to cover more area. Maximum wire density and aggression provides a flexible brushing action and a consistent performance for demanding light-duty cleaning and deburring applications. It can be used singularly or stacked in multiples. Tube brush cleans surfaces in the same manner as sand blasting. Due to its high rotating speed, it separates surface contaminants from base material and does not remove base material or change part dimensions. Unlike non-woven, bonded and coated abrasives, wire brushes will not load when brushing soft materials or when used to remove paint and similar coatings. Application areas include cleaning rust, scale and oxidation, deburring, weld cleaning, roughening surfaces, edge blending and surface preparation. Features Solid ring construction Provide a flexible brushing action and consistent performance Feature a wider face width to cover more area Specifications ANSI B165.1 Applications Removing rust and light corrosion Paint removal and surface cleaning Decorative finishing Removing heat discoloration Light deburring Edge blending Roughening for adhesion Caution Warning: Failure to observe safety precautions may result in injury This listing is for Each. Brush Type: Wheel Brush Diameter: 12 Arbor/Stem: 2 Wire Diameter: 0.02 in RPM: 3000 Wire Type: Carbon Steel Trade Mark: Trulock™ Wire Style: Crimped Wire Power Tool Type: Bench/Pedestal Grinders Trim Length: 2.875 in
  • Item Details Weiler Trulock 12 X 0
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Weiler - 03240 - Weiler 12 X 2 Trulock Carbon Steel Wider Face Crimped Wire Wheel Brush For Use On Bench/Pedestal


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