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The kingdom of God is His will and dominion exercised on earth as it is in heaven. It expands its influence in the world through the supernatural work of the Holy Spirit as He works through our humanity.
Wherever God's kingdom governs on earth, it is visibly demonstrated. Jesus manifested the power of the kingdom with miracles, signs, healing, and deliverance. Each time He announced the good news of the kingdom, sin, sickness, demons, and death were defeated.
When Jesus returned to heaven, He delegated authority to the church, activating it to continue expanding His kingdom in each succeeding generation of believers. The kingdom has everything we need: righteousness, healing, wholeness, prosperity, and joy. It is a reality to be experienced today - not just in the future - and it may be applied to each circumstance we encounter in life. In The Kingdom of Power Demonstrated Here and Now by Apostle Guillermo Maldonado, you will discover how to enter the kingdom of God, receive its benefits, and expand its dominion throughout the earth.

  • Author - Guillermo Maldonado
  • Publisher - Whitaker House
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