Wiki Wags Male Dog Wraps are made with super absorbent material for longlasting dryness. These disposable dog diapers are made specifically for male does who are prone to lifting their leg to mark on your precious furniture, walls, drapes, and other parts of your home. Make house training easier with these wraps, or take your dog on visits to friends or cafes without worrying about accidents. Prevents male dog marking, protects furniture and keeps your dog dry Disposable dog diaper bellybands Super absorbent material Wraps are adjustable to fit various sizes. Protect against dog urine mishaps while traveling, at hotels, visits to friends, etc.
  • The original all-in-one belly band for male dogs that's disposable, comfortable and stays on.
  • Extra protection against leaks with soft gussets providing a snug yet comfortable fit.
  • Protects furniture, carpets and walls. Perfect for the male dog that lifts his leg and marks, as a housetraining aid for puppies or for an incontinent dog.
  • Keeps your dog drier longer. Wicks away urine from your dog's body - no need to buy disposable expensive liners.
  • Sizing extends to give the perfect fit with 2 re-adjustable closure tabs (XS= 6"-13", S= 12"-19", M= 18"-25", L= 25"-30")
Dimensions4 x 3 x 4 inches

Wiki Wags Male Dog Wraps Small (12 count)

Wiki Wags

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