Your kitchen duct might not be located in an ideal place to connect a range hood. The Windster 36W in. WS-58 Series Ductless Kitlets you install your new 36-inch wide Windster WS-58 range hood anywhere you choose, recirculating the air intake through a second filter rather than venting the exhaust through your ducts. Smoke particulates, odors, and grease vapors are all easily handled thanks to the charcoal filter. Thick, durable stainless steel is used to create the piece, featuring a seamless design with safe, smooth edges. This ductless kit has been approved for use by the CSA for use in both US and Canadian homes. (WINT103-1)
  • Dimensions: 34.75W x 12D x 2H inches
  • Sturdy stainless steel adapter kit
  • Intended for use with Windster WS-58 series models
  • Perfect for smaller kitchens or older homes
  • Charcoal filter included to purify air output
Dimensions34.75W x 12D x 2H in.
FinishStainless Steel

Windster 36W in. WS-58 Series Range Hood Ductless Kit


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