Don't let your older-style home or uniquely designed kitchen keep you from installing a modern range hood. The Windster R-18L Series Ductless Kit solves a number of problems encountered at installation, including improperly-sized or absent duct-work, incongruous area, or a unique home layout. Circumvent all of the problems with this ductless kit, made from thick, durable stainless steel and featuring a seamless, smoothed-edge welded design. Instead of venting through ducts, this unit allows your range hood to recirculate air through a filter. A charcoal filter is included, removing odors, grease vapor, smoke particulates, and other airborne irritants easily. (WINT010-1)
  • Dimensions: 11W x 6.44D x 4H inches
  • Sturdy stainless steel adapter kit
  • Intended for use with Windster R18-L series models
  • Perfect for smaller kitchens or older homes
  • Charcoal filter included to purify air output
Dimensions11W x 6.44D x 4H in.

Windster R-18L Series Range Hood Ductless Kit


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