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The Windster RA-76 Series Ductless Kit is a convenient option for installing a range hood that's not within reach of a vent. Whether due to antique architecture, room size, over-/under-sized duct assemblies, or simply a desire for an independently functioning blower, you may choose to pair your range hood with a ductless recirculating assembly, provided here. The kit features a frame made from sturdy, solid stainless steel with smooth edges and a seamless appearance thanks to Windster's superior welding techniques. Two charcoal filters are provided to ensure the air is completely purified of smoke, odors, grease vapors, and other airborne particulates. (WINT016-1)
  • Dimensions: 11.75W x 6.44D x 3.44H inches
  • Sturdy stainless steel adapter kit
  • Intended for use with Windster RA-76 series models
  • Perfect for smaller kitchens or older homes
  • Charcoal filter included to purify air output
Dimensions11.75W x 6.44D x 3.44H in.

Windster RA-76 Series Range Hood Ductless Kit


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