The high-tech world moves at lightning speed. To sell in that world, you need to be even faster. What do you do when everyone around you - your customers, your co-workers, and even your support teams - tells you NO! How do you change that NO to a YES so that you can help fundamentally transform your customer's business and make it better than it was before? Selling high-tech is not for the faint of heart. Climb the peaks and wallow in the valleys as Trong Nguyen tells you eighteen real-life stories of selling to the most complex global corporations and changing the cloud business at Microsoft. Part art, part science, Trong walks you through winning at the highest levels and how to close that game-changing deal. Learn real-world tips, tricks and strategies for selling the cloud to the world's largest corporations. Hang on tight for a wild ride!
    Publication DateMarch 4, 2017
    Primary CategoryBiography & Autobiography/Business
    Sub Category 1Business & Economics/Sales & Selling - General

    Winning the Cloud: Sales Stories and Advice from My Days at Microsoft

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