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The indie-rock roots run deep for Wobbleshop, a California-based duo who expertly blend the Southern twang of R.E.M. with the unpredictable and emotional dynamic songwriting of Radiohead.; Mish Mash ;This is a band with no fear of experimentation and the uncanny ability to use a wide variety of instruments to achieve their unique sound.; -Power Pop News (Don Krider) ;The results (of great instrumental arrangements) are songs like the hypnotic ;Goodnight Children,; the folk-tinged ;Rural Dakota,; and the steady grooves of ;Your Last Bite; and ;Freestyle; (which also features a terrific vocal). Definitely one of 2000;s more profound surprises.; -Shake It Up (Claudio Sisso) ;Acoustically, ;Goodnight Children; is an odd ghost song...the accordion is a nice touch...;Your Last Bite; (jangles) nice poetry and (has) cool alternative vocals...; -Music Dish (Ben Ohmart) ;They can rock (as on the second track, ;Past Perfect;), but they don;t wield that power like a sledgehammer. Their secret weapons are feeling and melody, and they use both in a truly endearing way. Their sound is built around melody, reminiscent in that way of all sorts of people, from the Beach Boys to Elvis Costello to lots of current ;indie; bands. Yet there;s also a certain rustic Americana feel, plus a heavy dose of laid-back California-ness. All together, this makes for entertaining music to hang around with, the sort of lazy summer tunes that make you feel good.; Pop Matters (Dave Heaton) ;This not only gets a most highly recommended, it gets the ;pick; of this issue for ;best original CD!; Music Dish (Dick Metcalf) if you´re looking for a nice warm slice of feel-good pop to sink your teeth into you, you might just have found the right band. -Morten Gerdsen (Deadbeat Magazine) Holmes; and Nunez;s voices are the most entertaining part of the album, keeping them a step ahead from the other bands in their genre. Marvin Lin (Nude As the News) Fans of late period Beatles (1967-70) will love this album, which should also appeal to fans of The Posies and REM. A fine 12-song effort that I;ll give 4 out of 5 stars to. - Power Pop News (Don Krider) A wonderful selection of pop tunes hewn from the classic Beatles influenced feel, with a more modern outlook & a different style, but all the hallmarks of classic pop are there, complete with catchy choruses, excellent vocals & an overall vibe that will see a great many fans very happy with what they hear on this album. - Heard Magazine All their great songs have potential to be hits, and some of their rotten ones do too.; - Splendid Ezine ;Wobbleshop serves up Bittergreen as a reminder to just how great the traditional parts of songwriting can be.; -
  • Wobbleshop - Bittergreen [CD]
Publication Date20010320
Publisher ImprintAudio & Video Labs, Inc


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