The sandy white beaches and sparkling blue waters of Paradise lie just outside your backdoor with this delightful sounding chime. Light and spirited, it is tuned to a musical scale called saih gender wayang from the South Pacific Island of Bali. Originating in the playful music of the shadow puppet play, this scale comes alive with each movement of the wind. This Woodstock Chime will bring rich harmonies to your gazebo or veranda.
  • Hand-crafted aluminum wind chime tuned to the traditional scale used in balinese gamelan ensembles
  • Innovative design, superior quality, and beautiful sound
  • 5 Silver-colored aluminum tubes; cherry wood top, clapper and wind catcher
  • Create a tropical paradise in your own outdoor space with the calm and peaceful notes of this beautiful woodstock chime
  • Durable, braided nylon cord; 19-inches from the top wooden piece to the bottom of the wind catcher; longest tube is 14-inches
Finish ColorSilver

Woodstock Chimes of Bali Windchime

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