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Let the wind speak for you when you install this gorgeous baritone wind chime outside your home. The song of the Woodstock Gregorian 56 in. Baritone Wind Chime is inspired by the chants of Gregorian monks, and its deep tones will remind you of midnight masses and Medieval mysteries whenever a breeze blows by. Tuned to a classic scale, the chime lends a serene aural element to your deck, garden, or porch. Each wind chime is designed by master craftsmen in Woodstock, New York, so you can rely on the quality and durability of your piece. Strike a deeper chord of peace and harmony. The spiritual chants that began in the churches of the Gothic period are the inspiration behind this wind chime. In the Baritone register, this wind chime rings out with deep, sturdy tones. Eight tubes create pleasantly rich and textured notes that are precisely tuned to a classic scale. Tuned to C, D, Eb, F, G, A, Bb, C for a harmony that will help you reflect upon the beauty that surrounds you. Additional features Inspired by spiritual chants of the 18th century Unique tuning system known as just intonation From master chime craftsmen of Woodstock, NY Overall length: 56 inches 1-year defect warranty; lifetime tuning guarantee Wind Chime Length: The length of a wind chime is measured by the overall length of the chime (not tube length)- hanging hook to the end of the sail. This windchime is 56 inches long overall. (WS029-B)
  • A best-selling customer favorite!
  • 8 silver anodized aluminum tubes
  • Cherry wood hanger, striker, and wind clapper
  • 56-inch overall length - from hook to sail
  • Tuned to C, D, Eb, F, G, A, Bb, C
Finish ColorSilver
Wood TypeCherry

Woodstock Gregorian 56 in. Baritone Wind Chime

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