The full, mystical tones of this exceptional wind chime reveal a dreamlike range that lingers pleasantly in your ears. The Woodstock Windsinger 54-Inch Orpheus Wind Chime plays a varied range of low tones to help you relax and let your imagination take flight. The chime's six tubes are made of durable, thick-walled anodized aluminum and are specially suspended to achieve pure and impressive tones. The full notes resonate for a very long time, filling your ears with broad, peaceful reverberations. Choose between brushed silver or matte black finishes. Measures 8W x 54L inches. This Woodstock wind chime is part of the Windsinger chime series. The chimes within this collection are tuned to lower registers and are fashioned after the original designs of Stephen Burnham. The bold, elegant appearance of the chime complements the rich, beautiful tones it plays when blown by the breeze. Because Windsinger chimes are made with extra thick-walled aluminum, they resonate much longer than any other chimes and produce enduring harmonies that are beyond compare. Because this high-quality wind chime weighs 7 pounds, special precautions should be taken when hanging the chime. Please see the specifications tab for more information regarding proper installation. Woodstock Percussion Wind Chimes are tuned using a computerized tuning process in order to achieve incomparably beautiful sound. These wind chimes also use an ancient tuning system known as just intonation. Because these notes fall between the notes of a piano (which is tuned using the modern system of equal temperament), the chime has a unique, authentic quality. The frequencies at which the different tubes vibrate are integrally related, thus producing the purest musical intervals. Once you hear the beautiful tones created by these magical chimes, you will understand why they are so popular around the world. Wind Chime Length: The length of a wind chime is measured by the overall length (WS208-1)
  • 6 thick-walled anodized aluminum tubes
  • Available in brushed silver or matte black finish
  • Full, mystical tones reveal a dreamlike range
  • Resonates much longer than most chimes
  • Precision-tuned using the just intonation system
Size54 in.
ColorMulti-Colored, Silver
Dimensions8W x 54L in., 7.8 x 7.8 x 54 inches

Woodstock Windsinger 54 Inch Orpheus Wind Chime

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