• Fits track sizes 15" x 141"
  • Made from heavy card stock
  • Multiple options for center belt studding
  • Double Digger and Single Digger patterns
  • 141” track--94 & 141 stud patterns
  • Only use this template on single ply tracks with a 3.00 pitch
  • Only use Grand Series Traction Products
  • Read the instruction or tech tip for recommended stud patterns
  • WOODYS300S TEMPThis template has patterns for single ply tracks with a 3.0pitch and should not be used on any other tracks. Thistemplate will fit a 15" x 141" tracks with patterns for 94and 141 Grand Master studs and the 1.200"
  • 300S TEMP
  • Woodys

Woodys Studding Template - 3.0in. Pitch - Single Ply 300S-TEMP


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