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"Words Matter: Elections and consequences in American politics" is a poignant look back at the eight long years of the Obama Administration, the 2016 primaries and general election, at the candidates, this whole "Russia thing" and a look forward to the next four years of what is destined to become the most controversial presidency of the 21st century, led by the quintessential 'third way' President, Donald J. Trump. History teaches us to ignore it at our peril, and this examination of a seminal American election is a example of the schism that exists in our culture. Lessons will be learned on both sides of the political aisle that will form the strategies and direction both parties will take as they move steadily towards the 2018 mid-term elections and that of the Presidential election of 2020. There will be many casualties along the way if the policies of 'identity politics' and divide and conquer are the chosen tactics for winning. The country can ill-afford to become more divided, more partisan or more 'tribal' especially when we are faced with the enormous twin challenges of a rapid march toward domestic discord and growing global conflict. "Words Matter" builds on the two previous books on the Republican Party: "Breaking Republican" and "How Republicans can win in a changing America" by Stephan Helgesen and co-author V. Lance Tarrance.
    Publication DateSeptember 22, 2017
    Primary CategoryPolitical Science/American Government - General
    Publisher ImprintStephan Helgesen

    Words Matter: Elections and Consequences in American Politics

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