Volume 4 is a complete guide to programming with the X Toolkit Intrinsics, the library of C language routines that facilitates the design of user interfaces with reusable components called widgets. It provides concepts and examples that show how to use the various X Toolkit routines. The first few chapters are devoted to using widgets; the remainder of the book covers the more complex task of writing new widgets.Uses the Motif 1.2 widget set in examples and covers X11 Release 5.Volume 4 includes:

  • Introduction to the X Window System.
  • Building applications with widgets.
  • Constructing a bitmap editor with widgets.
  • An overview of each widget in the widget set.
  • Basic widget methods./li>
  • Events, translations, and accelerators.
  • Event handlers, timeouts, and work procedures.
  • Resource management and type conversion.
  • Selections and window manager interaction.
  • Geometry management.
  • Menus, gadgets, and cascaded pop-ups.
  • Miscellaneous techniques.
  • Comparison of Athena, OSF/Motif, and AT&T OPEN LOOK widgets.
This book is designed to be used with Volume 5, X Toolkit Intrinsics Reference Manual, which provides reference pages for each of the Xt functions, the widget classes defined by Xt, and the Athena widget set.
  • Genre: Computers
  • Pages: 712
  • Author: Adrian Nye, Tim O'Reilly
  • ISBN: 1565920139
  • Publisher: O'Reilly Media, Incorporated
SeriesDefinitive Guides to the X Window System
Series Volume Number04
Publication DateAugust 12, 1992

X Toolkit Intrinsics Prog Vol 4m: Motif Edition

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