Case of 4 Gallons of Yamalube 4-Stroke Sportboat and Watercraft Oil 10W-40.
Specifically approved for use with Yamaha high-performance 4-Stroke Marine Watercraft engines found in WaveRunners® and Yamaha Sport Boats. Heavily fortified with detergents, anti-wear and corrosion additives to protect in the harsh marine environment. Designed for the needs of 4-Stroke WaveRunners® and Sport Boats.
Factory Engineered
Approved by the same Yamaha team responsible for the design and engineering of WaveRunner and Sport Boat engines, this oil will provide the anti-corrosion and anti-wear performance demanded by products in a marine environment. When it comes to performance and protection, there is only one choice-Yamalube.

    Yamaha Yamalube 10W-40 Mineral 4W 4-Stroke Watercraft Oil Case of 4 Gallons


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