Case of 12 quarts of Yamaha 5W-30 Outboard Full Synthetic 4M FC-W Oil.
Our best full synthetic Outboard oil FC-W® rated by the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA®). Contains all the benefits of Yamalube 4M, with increased lubricity for lower friction levels resulting in potentially improved fuel economy. Specific Marine Formula combats rust, corrosion, varnish, and wear; all while providing high levels of bearing protection, resistance to foaming, and lubrication. No Automotive oil comes close to this level of protection for the Outboard engine in the harsh marine environment. Recommended primarily for Yamaha V MAX SHO outboards. Also works well in other Yamaha four stroke outboards (such as the V6 Offshore and F70 models) as well as other brands of marine sterndrive and inboard engines. 5W-30 weight provides excellent lubrication in all climates.

    Yamaha Yamalube 4-Stroke Outboard 5W-30 Full Synthetic 4M FC-W Oil 12 Quarts


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