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Words about injustice, revolution, dreams, and love. Boris Pasternak wrote that we must remain alive, loving and creating and dreaming, while we continue our struggle for a just and equitable society. The private life is not dead, it breathes through the lips of those moments between - between work, between activism, between incarceration, between birth and death. You Must Know This began its life as a private collection of poems titled "Gail You Must Know This" shared between the author-photographer and his wife. With the inclusion of several more politically aware pieces, this expanded collection aims to capture both the bookends and the betweens of our lives. As Leon Trotsky once wrote, "Generally speaking, art is an expression of man's need for an harmonious and complete life, that is to say, his need for those major benefits of which a society of classes has deprived him. That is why a protest against reality, either conscious or unconscious, active or passive, optimistic or pessimistic, always forms part of a really creative piece of work. "Every new tendency in art has begun with rebellion."
    Publication DateFebruary 14, 2016
    Primary CategoryPoetry/American - General

    You Must Know This

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