When your canine friend has been a good boy, and you want to show him that you care, give him a special snack with this Yum-It-Up Peanut Butter Flavor Snack. Recommended for dogs 6 months of age and older, this little cannister is all you need to give your best friend the snack that he's been waiting for! You can turn up the flavor and apply it on toys, treats, and kibble - your canine friend is sure to lick it up off any surface you apply it to! The delicious peanut butter flavor is sure to be a bit hit with even the pickiest of canine taste buds, and is made with a real peanut butter flavor! This 8 oz. cannister comes with an easy-spray applicator, like whipped cream, so you can easily and conveniently serve up a delicious snack to your pooch! Pick up a can today and watch your dog lick their lips in delight!
Non-returnable:We can’t take this item back, but please reach out if you aren't satisfied.
  • Peanut butter flavor
  • Spread on toys or treats for added interest
Dimensions5.9 x 5.9 x 2.1 inches

Yum-It-Up? Peanut Butter Flavor Snack Spread for Dogs 8 oz. Aerosol Can


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