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In Chelsea Elizabeth Peseller's new novel, Zombi Defined, it is a whole new world. Zombies have taken over and chaos rules. It is a world of despair, without help from the military or government officials, a world where it truly is survival of the fittest. Yet somehow, through difficult decisions and choices, one lonesome woman manages to survive amongst the empty and sick world. Elizabeth Picceli has been surviving in the zombie apocalypse by herself for years. So much time has gone by that she lost track of how long it has truly been. She has lost the ones she loved, and only dreams of a possibility to be reunited with her daughter, somehow, someway. A new day arrives and Elizabeth is teamed up with a man that will show her the ways of the new world. Elizabeth learns how to love again and what it means to have someone to love in her life. Will this love break her, or will it help her survive the zombies and bring her to the answers she has searched all these years? Or will Elizabeth and her new man become -zombi-defined? Written in the narrative and view point of Elizabeth, Zombi-Defined brings the reader along on a rambling adventure of horror mixed with adventure and capped by love. The story taps the most basic of human instincts and emotions, as two lovers struggle with their love and fight for their survival.
    Publication DateAugust 6, 2017
    Primary CategoryFiction/Occult & Supernatural
    Publisher ImprintGod Bless the Keg Publishing


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