Personnel: Donald Dietrich (guitar, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone); Donald Miller (electric guitar, alto saxophone); Jim Sauter (alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone).
Liner Note Authors: Dr. Paul; Gustave Cerutti.
Recording information: Rote Fabrik Zurich, Switzerland (10/17/1984).
Photographers: Kenn Michael; Bernhard Giner.
The New York group that embodies the notion of avant-garde music is debatably the true heir to the concept of the free jazz of Albert Ayler and Sonny Sharrock and the minimalism of La Monte Young and Tony Conrad alike. While never falling into either avant-garde or jazz camps in their hometown, the trio's abrasive sound has more in common with European improvised music and Japanese noise. The maelstrom they created throughout the '80s via the simple trio of two saxophones and guitar may appear alienating or harsh on first listen. Much like the chaotic free jazz of the '60s, their recordings take repeated listens to reveal extraordinary details and strident intent that is forceful, enigmatic, shocking, and inventive. The title "Zurich" may imply that this was just a date recorded live and documented in the raw. It may well be just that, but don't let that imply this free improvisation does not cover some of the most deeply considered and challenging music of the '80s. ~ Martin Walters
  • Borbetomagus - Zurich [CD]
GenreJazz Music
Publication Date20131015
Publisher ImprintForced Exposure


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