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Karen, a typical younger teen, could not envision the year of adventures that awaited her and two special friends, Fredrick, a gifted and wise butterfly, and Malibu Kool Kat, an ordinary cat she rescued, who turns out to be "not so ordinary." Together they carry an important message of peace and love to a far away country despite real danger. Combining creative ideas, the trio also manage to survive in New York City on their own, hob-nob with celebrities on a tropical island, then, finally, are honored in a unique way by the citizens of Karen's hometown.

The adorable characters are memorable and relatable as they become involved in relevant issues that young people care about. Determined to "do something" when she sees a need, Karen, along with Fredrick and Kool Kat, set out to make a difference in the world anyway they can. Their exciting adventures will inspire other kids to care and get involved. The action-packed and charming book echos themes of love and hope throughout. Readers will finish the last page then want to know what further adventures await the fearless threesome.

Amazing Adventures of Fredrick the Butterfly Plus Karen & Malibu Kool Kat are loosely based on some of the author's actual true-life experiences!

"May Peace and Love be With You Always!"

Karen Smythe

    Publication DateJune 28, 2017
    Primary CategoryYoung Adult Fiction/Action & Adventure - General

    Amazing Adventures of Fredrick the Butterfly Plus Karen and Malibu Kool Kat!

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