Partners in Growth We here at Kashi® are excited to partner with Peggy Sutton, the founder of To Your Health Sprouted Flour Co., to bring you our newest cereal. Peggy founded her company in rural Alabama making delicious & healthy sprouted grain products for friends and family. We inspired by Peggy's passion for healthy food and wanted to share her story with you. When a grain sprouts, it begins to change. The grain begins to grow a new plant which requires it to release vital nutrients and enzymes that are stored inside. The result is a sprouted grain that is a perfect ingredient for a nutritious cereal.
  • 100% Sprouted Grains
Dimensions1.8 x 6.4 x 10.2 inches
CertificationUSDA Organic

Kashi Organic Promise Cereal, Sprouted Grains, 9.5 Oz


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Organic Sprouted Grains