Clear the air with Big Green Aerial Tonic, the spray that locks in and neutralizes unwanted smells.

Designed to counteract lingering smoke and pet odors, Big Green's natural formula restores a fresh, neutral "doesn't smell like anything at all" scent to your car, closet, dormitory, apartment, or hotel room.

Is the lingering smell of cigarettes smoke cramping your style? Clear the air with Big Green Aerial Tonic! Don’t settle for an “air freshener” that relies on heavy fragrances to hide a smokey smell. Eliminate the odor instead. Simply spray Big Green inside your car, garage, dorm, or RV and the smells vanish.

Big Green is sold in multi packs so you can stash a bottle in your glove compartment in case a smoker rides with you. Even if you enforce a strict smoking ban in your car, giving a heavy smoker a ride can leave your car smelling like an ashtray. Reclaim your car’s airspace with Big Green! Great for taxi and ridesharing drivers!

  • REMOVES ODORS | Big Green Aerial Tonic doesn't simply mask odors, its chemistry actually locks in and neutralizes unwanted smells.
  • FINE MIST ATOMIZER | Our unique spray bottle generates microscopically fine droplets, maximizing surface area and minimizing drips.
  • CLEAR FORMULA | No dyes or colors, so you don't have to worry about drips staining your upholstery or clothing.
  • UNSCENTED | Big Green Aerial Tonic isn't perfume or incense; our non-scented formula dissipates quickly and takes unwanted odors with it.
  • VERSATILE | Removes smoke, mildew, pet, garbage, and bathroom odors.

Big Green Smoke Odor Eliminator Spray Unscented | Removes Smell from Cars, Bathrooms, Homes 2oz (Pack of 2)

Big Green

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