When mankind discovered fire as a useful tool, everyone had to learn how to treat this new energy for personal safety. The same applies to the new tools of electricity and time-varying radiation. Doris wondered why she kept losing babies through spontaneous abortion and suspected there may be something wrong with the house. I measured every aspect of her house and could find nothing extraordinary. She offered me a cup of coffee which I accepted. She put a cup of milk in the microwave then stood in front of the cooker watching the cup turning around. I was horrified! She said "I always do it this way!" I advised her not to do this again as the small amount of microwave leakage combined with the huge modulated magnetic field from the transformer over a minute or two would be enough to cause any foetus to abort. - She and her husband are now happy parents. Like all environmental conditions, small amounts can probably be handled, but extravagant exposures are to be avoided. Life functions with minimum signal strength and minuscule variation while the high tech world is excessive. How much radiation can we tolerate and for how long may we be exposed? Explained in ordinary language, these questions and others are considered in "Get less electrostress - Practical methods to protect yourself from electro-magnetic pollution." With this set of guidelines to separation distances and shielding methods and the help of some measuring instruments, it is possible to find out where an electro-magnetic assault comes from and do something about it.
  • ISBN13: 9780473239503
  • Publisher: James Chappell
  • Pubilcation Year: 2013
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pages: 00118
Publication DateMarch 26, 2013
Primary CategoryHealth & Fitness/Healthy Living
Publisher ImprintJames Chappell

get less electro stress: Practical methods to protect yourself from electro-magnetic pollution (E-smog Survivor) (Volume 1)

Duke Hawe

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