Product Highlights
  • 600W Grid tie inverter,pure sine wave inverter.
  • DC11V-32V to AC110V ,50Hz/60Hz AUTO.
  • For 18V/36cells Solar Panel.
  • With MPPT Functions.
  • Smart Microinverter Introduction
  • Smart grid tie inverter is a compact unit, whichdirectly converts direct current into alternating current for poweringappliances and/or office equipments and connecting to utility grid. The ACoutput from Smart Microinverter is synchronized and in-phase with the utilitygrid. It is a key device of power generation systems such as PV powergeneration system.Smart Microinverterspecially optimized design to work with modularization of DC power supplies which includes the mainstream solar modules, 18V (36 cells)monocrystal and/or Polycrystalline solar panels.Smart Microinverters are stabilization, reliable and high conversion efficiencyitems. It is the best choice for PV power generation systems.
  • Smart Microinverter can be easily placed and attachedto the rack underneath of PV module. No need spaces for independentinstallation and low voltage DC wire connects from the PV module to SmartMicroinverter can eliminate the risk of high DC voltage. Distributedmodularization design philosophy for Smart Microinverter insures theproductiveness of the whole system and will not affect by a single point offailure. Each Smart Microinverter is individually connected to each PV modulein the array. This unique configuration means that an individual Maximum PeakPower Point Tracker (MPPT) controls each PV modules and insures that themaximum power available from each PV module is exported to the utility gridregardless of the performance of the other PV modules in the array which may beaffected by shading, soiling, orientation or mismatch, etc. Smart Microinverterinsures top performance for maximizing energy production from the whole PVsystem and gets return on investment in less time.
  • Advantages of SmartMicroinverter
  • 1. Unique circuit design, choice of importindustrial electronic components, higher efficiency, more stable performance.
  • 2. Creative MPPT technology, efficiency more than99%, faster and more sensitive reaction, more reliable.
  • 3. Parallel type design for DC input andmodularization design for inverter, small volume, distributed installation,easy for system configuration, flexible for combination, strong expansibilityof system.
  • 4. Adopting high-frequency isolation transformertype, high efficiency, and high security.
  • 5. Perfectelectrical protection function.
  • 6. Aluminum alloy housing, not rust, heat-resistingand cold-resistant as well as anti-corrosion.
  • 7. Getting electronic circuit design, appearancedesign and other core technology patents.
  • Power: 600W
  • DC voltage range: 11-32VDC
  • MPPT Voltage: 15-22V
  • Maximum input current : 25A / 30A
  • Power Factor : >98%
  • AC standard voltage range : 120VAC(90-140VAC)
  • AC frequency range : 50Hz/60Hz(Auto control)
  • AC MAX output: 650W
  • THD : <5%
  • Certificate: CE ROHS
  • Solar Panels: For 18V/36cells Solar Panel.
  • Protection
  • Islanding; Short-circuit
  • Converse Connection
  • Low Voltage
  • Over Voltage
  • Over temperature Protection
  • Cooling Fan
  • What's In Box
  • 1 x Solar Inverter
  • 1 x User's Manaul
  • 1 x AC Cord
    • iMeshbean 600W Grid Tie Inverter DC11V-32V to AC110V For 18V/36cells Panel Solar Epic Power


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