The j/fit Eva Blue Foam Roller will make a great addition to your home gym, and its high-density construction will last much longer than a single-construction roller. It can be used to enhance balance, body awareness, flexibility, and dynamic strength. It's quite useful for Pilates and core exercises, as it requires balance. The roller is also a helpful tool for massaging the hamstring, glutes, and quads. J/fit is committed to providing high-quality fitness equipment at reasonable prices. The selection has expanded from 10 products to over 300 in order to meet the needs of the marathoner, the beginner, and everyone in between. The fitness world is constantly changing, and j/fit aims to be on the forefront of the latest technology at each juncture. (JFT011-1)
  • Dimensions: 36L x 6W x 6H inches; 18L x 6W x 6H
  • High-density foam roller
  • Great for Pilates, balance, and body rolling
  • Adaptable for variety of exercise and therapy
  • Durable and versatile
Size36L x 6W", 36L x 6W inches
Dimensions36L x 6W x 6H inches, 36 x 6 x 6 inches

j/fit Eva Blue Foam Roller


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36L x 6W inches

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