Get even more out of your u-mount tablet system. The u-mount accessory kit includes a Presentation Grip, two additional Mounting Posts, and a Mounting Post End Cap. The Presentation Grip is a comfortable hard foam sleeve that slides over any u-mount post. It adds comfort and grip when using the Mounting Post as a handle. The Mounting Post End Cap protects the threading and adds a nice finishing touch to the post; it also provides a non-slip contact point when using the post as a slip-free monopod on desktops. Lastly, the two additional mounting posts let you tailor the u-mount to you exact needs, providing extra length with the 5??? UM-42 or a lower profile with the 2-3/4??? UM-41. This accessory pack is compatible with the Snap-On Cover variants of the Quick Disconnect u-mount Tablet Mounting System.
Mounting Posts
Includes 60mm (2-23/64???) and 120mm (4-23/32???) substitute mounting posts.
Increases overall height compared to standard quick disconnect mounting post.
Standard 5/8???-27 threading works with flange mounts and other u-mount?? accessories.
Presentation Sleeve
Slides over 120mm (4-23/32???) mounting post.
Enhances grip and comfort for extended use.
Soft copolymer material reduces hand fatigue and sweat.
End Cap
End cap protects threading and creates a non-slip monopod for desktop applications.
Drawstring Pouch
Drawstring pouch keeps the kit components together.
  • Mounting posts
  • Includes 60mm (2-23/64") and 120mm (4-23/32") substitute mounting posts
Dimensions6 x 2 x 2 inches

u-mount Accessory Kit

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