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Other Laundry Care
There's more to doing laundry than just detergent and dryer sheets. Get a lint brush, wrinkle remover, and other laundry care at!

The worst part about laundry? The wrinkles. Fortunately, a dependable wrinkle remover, like the Downy wrinkle releaser will make any wrinkle fold. The Downy wrinkle releaser is easy to use — it beats ironing any day — but it's not the only wrinkle release spray out there. Check out the no-iron wrinkle remover from Bays, or the odor eliminating wrinkle remover from Magic Wrinkle. The Bays, Magic Wrinkle and Downy wrinkle releaser are all great ways to keep your shirts crisp, even if you feel like letting them sit in the dryer a little longer.

Lint Removers

As for a lint remover: That's where things get really interesting. Are you looking for a lint brush? Lint rollers? A large lint roller for floors to stop the problem at the source? There are a lot of options for a lint remover and the lint brush you love may be different than the lint remover you're expecting. You can get classic lint rollers, but you can also go high-tech with an electronic clothes fuzz remover. Already an expert lint remover? Get lint brush refills for the lint brush you've been using.

Color Catchers

Have you ever been in the tough spot of having a white shirt turned pink? You need a color catcher. A color catcher can stop color bleeding in the laundry, and a good color catcher will help keep your clothes as bright and colorful as the day you bought them. And while a color catcher may keep your clothes looking great, you might also be wondering how to disinfect clothes that need a little extra attention. Some Lysol products are really great for that, so don't worry.

Of course, there's a lot more to doing your laundry than smoothing out clothes with a wrinkle remover like the Downy wrinkle releaser, getting rid of lint with the best lint remover, or protecting your clothes with color catchers for laundry. We've got a great selection of laundry must-haves from laundry detergent to stain removers and beyond. So why get your household supplies anywhere else? With our free shipping over $35 and 2-day delivery on thousands of essentials, this is shopping the way it should be.