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Heart Rate Monitors

Heart Rate Monitors
Need a new heart rate monitor? has you covered! Get the best heart rate monitor for you and start keeping track of your heart rate.

Exercising and maintaining a healthy heart rate are some of the most important things in life. Whether you're training for an Ironman or like to take walks, monitoring your heart rate with a heart rate monitor watch will help you achieve your fitness goals. A Polar heart rate monitor, or whichever is the best heart rate monitor for you, can help you find an optimal heart rate zone while you're working out. Wear a Garmin heart rate monitor strap around your chest, or try a heart rate monitor watch on your wrist. Or use a bluetooth heart rate monitor or ant heart rate monitor and see your goals reached in real time. We've got tons of heart rate monitors to fit your individual needs.

Heart Rate Monitor Watch

Training for a big race? Keep track of your training with a Polar Heart Rate Monitor Watch, Polar fitness watch, or Polar fitness tracker. There are all types of Polar heart rate monitors, so read up on them before taking one of these heart monitors for a spin — and thinking you've got the best heart rate monitor. Get news from the doctor that you need to get in shape — or else? A Garmin Heart Rate Monitor Multisport might be the best heart rate monitor for you to track your heart rate and calories. (It's pretty cool what smart watches with heart rate monitor features can do.)

Looking for a heart rate monitor but not sure which is the best wrist heart rate monitor? Maybe a Polar heart rate monitor that sets weekly training goals is the best heart rate monitor watch for you. Or a heart rate monitor watch from Timex or Gearonic might be the best fitness tracker with heart rate monitor features. Why not put the Polar heart rate monitor at the top of your heart rate monitor list and try it out? Our heart rate monitor selection has something for just about everyone.

Once you've become obsessed with your shiny new strapless heart rate monitor, check out the rest of our wearable technology selection, plus tons of other electronics. With our free shipping over $35 and free returns within 30 days, getting a heart rate monitor watch with us is so easy it might just keep your heart rate down.* (*Shopping on Jet has no effect on heart rate. But still, it was a good way to end this piece.)