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Salad Toppings
There's just something about salad toppings, and has your salad covered! Get everything from crunchy croutons to savory bacon bits.


Salad toppings are the icing on the cake. Or the croutons on the romaine. Probably for good and delicious reasons, croutons are the most popular salad topping. From cornbread croutons, to french fried onions and bacon bits, a salad topping is really what you make it. There are just so many kinds of salad croutons. Just to name a few, you can top some kale with croutons Sorrento Valley perfected, caesar croutons, or croutons of various flavors and sizes and textures.

And then there are healthy salad toppings. Think gluten free croutons, vegan croutons, plus aren't most bacon bits vegan? That's kind of healthy. When you think about it, anything you put on top of a salad could be called salad topping, just maybe not the best salad topping. French fried onions are good and crunchy, but so are bacon bits. Why not both? Get creative, whether that's with some fun cornbread croutons or sliced almonds.

Bacon Bits

Salad toppings aren't just croutons though. Salad toppings can be whatever you want to top your favorite salad with. Toppings can include bacon bits, French fried onions, cornbread croutons, dressings and more. What makes a salad topping a salad topping, you ask? Well, we have done a fair amount of discussion on this very subject and think it's all about the crunch. That satisfying bite that keeps you filling your fork.

After all, we all know the best part of a salad bar at a restaurant are the salad bar toppings. You're not getting seconds of romaine lettuce, you're piling your plate high with those toppings. We say go nuts (and while you're at it, nuts are also totally salad toppings), and build the salad of your dreams, from the toppings down. Well, not literally from the top down. If you figure out how to do that, let us know. Until then, we live for all the salad toppings and we know you do too. What are the best salad toppings? Croutons? Bacon bits? French fried onions? Cornbread croutons? That's up to you to decide. We just supply the salad topping options, plus free shipping over $35 and 2-day delivery on thousands of essentials. Oh, and don't forget — we also have tons of other pantry staples and the rest of your groceries, too.