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Sauces & Marinades
Don't get caught without alfredo sauce again. From hollandaise sauce to worcestershire sauce, shop for all of your sauce needs!


Imagine Thanksgiving without cranberry sauce or spaghetti without spaghetti sauce. You just can't. Sauces and marinades make the meal. To deprive chicken teriyaki of its teriyaki sauce or a barbecue pulled pork sandwich of its barbecue sauce would be a crime. So many dishes are defined by their sauces — fettuccini alfredo without alfredo sauce is just a pile of dry noodles. Same goes for spaghetti marinara without marinara sauce or penne alla vodka without vodka sauce. Want to make an authentic Thai dish without peanut sauce? Good luck. At Jet, we've got that side of cranberry sauce, that dash of worcestershire sauce, and that dollop of hollandaise sauce that'll really bring a dish to life.

Sauces come in all shapes and sizes. (Well, flavors and textures.) You've got rich and creamy like alfredo sauce and hollandaise sauce. There's smooth and savory like worcestershire sauce and soy sauce. In the mood for something kind of chunky? There's spaghetti sauce, pizza sauce, and tomato sauce. Or you can go super-specific like with chimichurri sauce, marsala sauce, or (shudder) oyster sauce. But whether you go with alfredo sauce, hollandaise sauce, or spaghetti sauce, you're going to get some delicious sauciness. (Then there's cranberry sauce, which really stretches the definition of what a “sauce” is since, c'mon, it's a jelly.)

Some sauces, while delicious, are nothing like what they sound. They're deceptive sauces. Buffalo sauce, for instance — great for chicken wings, not so great for buffalo. And is there anything that goes less well in a cocktail than cocktail sauce? Then there are sauces whose names just make sense. Cranberry sauce is made of cranberries and spaghetti sauce goes with spaghetti. Done. But on the other hand, some sauces transcend their names. Hot sauce can be good on anything, hot or cold. Your bbq sauce can be slathered on anything, whether or not you're at a barbecue. And you don't need to be anywhere near Worcester to enjoy worcestershire sauce since you can find it right here at Jet. (That being said, an important lesson is that while mixing caramel sauce with lemon butter sauce will make a sweet and sour sauce, it's not in a good way.)

A great introduction to any kind of new cuisine is through its sauces. You can get a taste of Spain and Latin America with a serving of adobo sauce, or send your tongue on a trip to China with a side of hoisin sauce. Take part in the dining tradition of northern Italy with some pasta with pesto sauce, or experience life as a millennial hipster by dousing everything in Sriracha sauce. Whatever your sauce of choice, whether it's alfredo sauce, hollandaise sauce, worcestershire sauce, cranberry sauce, or spaghetti sauce, Jet has your sauce needs covered — but that's not all! We've also got other pantry staples and the rest of your groceries, plus free shipping over $35 and 2-day delivery.