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Functional Training
Want to do box jumps and battle ropes exercises at home? Build strength, speed, and endurance with functional training gear from!

Cross Training

What is cross training? It's more than a program, it's a lifestyle. You're thinking outside the plyo box. Because the pursuit of functional fitness means cross training isn't about exercising, but about making fitness fit your life. So the question isn't “what is cross training,” but rather what is cross training… to you? Find your answers with a variety of functional strength tools and equipment that will get you in the training zone. With brands like Alpine, Iron Man, and Body Flex, your box jump set is about to go through the roof.

Box jumps are the staple exercise of a cross training regimine. Find the plyo box that will fit your functional workouts style, as well as your home gym's swagger. Why limit your box jumps to one when Power Systems, Body Solid and more offer full plyo box sets. On the other hand, box jumps are a classic, and they deserve a classic plyo box, like the Titan Fitness wooden classic. Whatever your look for functional fitness, we've plyometric boxes for all.

Of course, cross training doesn't end with box jumps. When you're ready to go beyond plyo boxes, take a look at all of our strength training equipment to find anything your functional fitness routine needs. Some of our favorites are battle ropes, like by Black Mountain Products, but the real fun in cross training is trying new things. So check out all our functional strength training gear, including inversion tables, extension machines, grips, and more.

What is cross training? Is it a strong will and a plyo box, or a fully fleshed-out functional fitness routine? No matter how you approach cross training, it's a change you make in yourself to be engaged 100%. So go beyond the box jumps. Take advantage of our full assortment of sporting goods,our free shipping over $35, and our free returns within 30 days, and start building the cross training gym of your dreams.