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Power Racks
Power up your home gym with power racks from! Once you have your very own power rack, your strength training will never be the same.

Power racks are an integral part of the home gym experience. Your power rack, power cage, or squat rack will be your dedicated spotter, keeping your body in line so you can focus on the burn. There's a power rack for sale that will be your workout buddy, a power rack that will keep you safe, and a power rack that will help keep your eye on the prize. These aren't just weight racks; power racks are about eliminating restriction for the flexibility to workout how you want. From a simple Stamina Power Tower to a full-tilt power cage like the Valor Fitness Heavy Duty Power Cage, our selection of power racks don't slouch.

Bench Racks

A squat and bench rack can make all the difference, but which will get you to your goal? Our selection of power racks for sale are sure to get you pumped. Check out the Body-Solid power rack or the Titan squat rack to find the power cage that will take your home gym to the next level. Not all power racks are created equal, and finding a cheap squat rack shouldn't mean sacrificing quality or convenience. A weight rack only works if you know it can take the pressure, and like all of our strength training equipment, the power racks we carry will always go the distance.

Squat Racks

It's funny that they call it a power cage because, if anything, a squat rack gives you the freedom to crush your goals. A power rack bench press is an all-in-one strength building machine that won't limit your freedom of movement. We have power rack options from great brands like Gold's Gym, Fuel Performance, and Stamina Outdoor, so your squat rack game is about to get strong.

So whether you call it a squat rack or a power rack, just check out our selection to find what you're looking for. And by the way: With our free shipping over $35, free returns within 30 days, and an awesome assortment, why not get the rest of your sporting goodswith us, too?