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Paper & Plastic Products
Stocking up on paper and plastic products? Shop and save on everything from paper towels and napkins to plastic knives and forks!

Let's be honest: As basic as they are, paper and plastic products are absolutely essential. (Seriously, go ahead and try to get through a week without paper towels. We dare you.) So why mess around with anything but the best? We've got all the best paper towel brands around. Brawny paper towels? Got ‘em. Viva paper towels? Check.

Hosting a backyard BBQ? Using nice utensils and cloth napkins is definitely not worth the trouble, so invest in disposable tableware instead. Grab some Solo cups for drinks, Dixie paper plates for the ribs and paper napkins for your face. As for the salad that no one is going to eat, invest in some Diamond's plastic utensils. Want to go green? That's why we have Nature's Own Green Label paper plates, so you don't feel guilty throwing things out.

There isn't a more fundamental item to have in your home than toilet paper. (Talk about a daily essential.) We've got all the best toilet paper, like Scott and Charmin toilet paper, and we aren't afraid to brag about it. (Our toilet paper selection is top-notch. There, we said it.) While we're into bathroom paper supplies, grab some facial tissues from Kleenex to keep on the counter as well. You can even pick out a decorative tissue box to put over it.

Can't get enough coffee? (Who can?) Then you should also pick up some disposable coffee filters from brands like Melitta and If you Care. And don't forget — with our great prices, free shipping over $35, and 2-day delivery on thousands of essentials, it'll be easier than ever to make sure you never run out of the basics.