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Arts & Crafts Storage
Got artwork that needs storing? has your arts and craft storage needs covered! Shop tons of storage containers to keep clutter away.

Let's say you're a prolific artist, or the parent or partner of one. No doubt, you love all the amazing work that's being produced in your home. But your space can get pretty cluttered without the right craft supplies storage, which is why we have an amazing array of rolling carts and storage drawers. After all museums are pristine, so why shouldn't your home look just as good?

There are all kinds of ways to help keep the artist portfolio safe and secure, and even more ways to organize your art supplies. For the artist who prefers to hand-draw or paint, we have the right portfolio folder for you, no matter how big or small your projects turn out. Couple a great portfolio with the right portfolio case, and you're going to be feeling like you've got as much security as the Louvre. And once you put your pencils down, you can put them away in our smart pen, pencil, and marker Cases.

Of course, we have art supplies storage for whatever medium you work in. If you have a lot of tools, like brushes and paint sets, you'll want plastic storage drawers for sure, and if you're meticulous about how you keep them, storage boxes and organizers will be absolutely clutch.  Should you need to be able to move supplies — let's say you're in a studio or a classroom — our storage drawers and carts are a perfect solution.

With a rolling storage cart, your materials are accessible all over your home, and with mobile art and craft storage, they become available anywhere, so you can get to work whenever and wherever inspiration strikes, no matter where that is.

Remember when we said we have storage containers for all kinds of artwork? Yeah, we meant it. Lovers of jewelry making, knitting and bedazzling — who doesn't love bedazzling? — rejoice, because our selection of craft storage furniture includes plenty of options for beading storage. Not to brag, but we're turning storage into an art form. And with free shipping over $35 and 2-day shipping on thousands of items, everyone can be an artist!