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Feminine Care
Looking for an easier way to get your feminine-care essentials? has you covered! Shop tampons, maxi pads, liners, washes, and more.


Being a woman can be complicated, and keeping up with hygiene, beauty, and health could be considered a full-time job. Since feminine care is a priority, it's important to have the best tampons, period pads, and feminine pads on hand. We've got you covered with Always Infinity Pads, Tampax Tampons, menstrual pads, and more. We're talking top-notch maxi pad products that absorb and stop leaks when you least expect them. Tampax Pearl and Always MyFit products do the same thing, too.

Just get your first period and not sure how to use a tampon? No problem. A box of Tampax Pearl Tampons has instructions on the side, or you could always ask a friend. If she doesn't know how to use a tampon, try Always Ultra Thin Pads or Always Maxi Pads. Or maybe go for the pads and the Tampax. That way, you can use the Always Infinity products — but when you figure out how to use a tampon and know if you can you flush tampons or not, you'll have a box of Tampax Pearl tampons ready. (Tampax problem solved.)

Making sure you have the right MyFit or Tampax product is the key to being comfortable. That means trying our Tampax Pearl Super or a Tampax Pearl Regular to see what Tampax Pearl is right for you. Because let's face it, you've got to make sure everything is A-OK down there. Once you've made a decision and you're through browsing the Tampax and MyFit products, check out the rest of the personal care products in our Health & Beauty section as well.

Whether you've got tons of feminine care experience or still not sure how to use a tampon, we've got an endless supply of incontinence pads, organic tampons, Tampax Tampons, and Always Overnight Pads with safe ingredients for protection against leaks. Why look for MyFit and Tampax Pearl products anywhere else, when you can avoid irritating lines at the drugstore and shop from the comfort of your couch?