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Got some big dorm room ideas? Shop your college checklist at! Save on everything from decor to electronics to appliances and beyond.

Living in a dorm means a lot of different things. Having your best friends around all the time. Sleeping until 4:00 in the afternoon on weekends. Hoping your RA doesn’t figure out what you’re up to. (We’re not saying anything, we swear.) But it also means getting a ton of stuff like furnishings, decor, and more must-haves like electronics and appliances — and that’s where we come in. Hi!

Start with our selection of dorm furniture like desks, bookcases, and dorm chairs from brands like Mainstays and Accentuations, plus futons because they’re the best. (By the way, we also have great furniture for off-campus living if you’re moving into your own place. Say hello to your first dining room table!) From there, check out our stylish selection of college dorm bedding from brands like Better Homes and Gardens and Bare Home to find just the right look.

Of course, you’ll also want to get dorm room decor — those places can start out pretty grim. (So much cinderblock and sad furniture.) We’ve got everything from mirrors and wallpaper to decorative lighting and accent rugs to help you make your room your own. But that’s not all, because we don’t just have the basics — we also have coffee makers, laundry supplies, laptops, and anything else a college kid could possibly need.

Our selection and savings aren’t all we have to offer — we also have free shipping over $35, 2-day delivery on thousands of essentials, and free returns within 30 days. So get your college shopping done fast and for less right here, then get back to everything else you’ve got going on. (Or a nap.)