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Back to College
Head to campus in style with supplies, electronics, dorm room decor, and essentials.

With college comes packing. And with packing comes a checklist of essentials. Before move-in day, cross notebooks, pens, and books off your college checklist. Then start thinking about dorm room essentials and room decor to fit in your one-room abode. Just because you’ll be living in a tiny space, doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style. If you’re on a DIY budget or have funds to splurge, dorm-friendly room essentials and decor should always match personality and style — whether it’s minimalistically modern, shabby chic, or southern charm.

College bedding is definitely among the long list of college essentials, so it might be good to start there. Then you’ve got dorm room furniture to think about if the square footage can accommodate. A mid-century modern desk for your studies and storing late-night snacks. A bookcase and bedside table for more storage. And simple lighting to create the mood. Once you’ve got those college dorm room essentials covered, here comes the fun part. The personal touches of dorm room decor.

A little dorm room decor will give your space the TLC it deserves. After all, this is the first space to call your own and not your parents. Dress up the walls with your favorite photography and artwork. Hang a boho tapestry, string lights, and some planters, and then cover that bland dorm carpeting with something a little more colorful. Outfitting a insta-worthy dorm room will definitely win you some back-to-school bonus points with your squad.

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