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Back to School Supplies makes shopping for back to school faster and easier than ever! Save on back to school outfits, school supplies, lunches, and more.

Sending the kids back to school is pretty great, but driving them all over the place to shop for back to school supplies really isn't. (How do they manage to spill that much food in your car? It's actually kind of impressive.) Which is why we decided to give you a few easy alternatives to back to school sales, from finding your teacher's official supply list online (shout out to our partners at TeacherLists™) to shopping school supplies by grade level.

Basically, no matter what your kids need, we've got it all right here. Start by checking out our selection of school supplies, from colored Crayola pencils to backpacks from brands like Jansport and Bubba Bags. Want to power up their education with electronics? We've got calculators, tablets, e-readers, and more from brands like Texas Instruments and Samsung. 

Of course, every kid needs cool outfits so they can impress on the playground, so check out our selection of back to school clothes for boys, girls, juniors, and young men. (You can't go wrong with brands like French Toast, Aeropostale, and Levi's.) We've also got healthy essentials like hand sanitizer and tissues — hey, other people's kids have all kinds of germs — and simple lunches, meals, and snacks to help you keep them fed without driving yourself too crazy.

So what are you waiting for? With our simple ways to save, free shipping over $35, and 2-day delivery on thousands of items, you'll won't just get your back to school shopping done before you know it — you'll have money left over to get yourself a gift, too. (You deserve it for making it through the summer.)