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Christmas Dinner

Get started on making your best Christmas dinner yet by shopping for all the Christmas foods and Christmas dinnerware you’ll need!

With all respect to Thanksgiving, the Christmas dinner menu may be the most demanding. Whether you’re going with a traditional Christmas dinner or looking for new kinds of Christmas foods, you’ve got to find Christmas recipes that’ll keep everyone happy — and let’s be honest, people can be a bit impatient when they’re waiting to open gifts. Luckily, we’ve loaded up on the ingredients and cooking supplies to execute any Christmas food ideas you can possibly think of.

So let’s start with the different kind of overarching Christmas meal ideas: you’ve got the traditional meal (hello Christmas ham!), the Italian Christmas dinner (fish, anyone?), the vegetarian Christmas dinner and vegan Christmas dinner (definitely no fish for anyone),  and many, many more. Once you’ve decided the type Christmas meals you want to serve guests, it’s time to dive deep into different holiday recipes for Christmas foods and Christmas dinner sides. After all, what’s a Christmas Eve dinner without passing Christmas side dishes around the table?

Oh, speaking of passing around the table — how exactly do you plan on serving this wonderful meal? Hey, wait, don’t panic — we got you covered with Christmas dish sets galore. Check out our huge selection of Christmas dishes, Christmas dinner plates, Christmas dish sets, Christmas placemats and if you’re fancy, Christmas china. And pick carefully: the right Christmas dinnerware sets get passed down for years. (Hopefully you don’t also pass down Christmas napkins, but those are really important, too.)

There’s a lot to think about when it comes to planning the Christmas dinner, from Christmas food to Christmas dinnerware. Luckily, we’ve done all the hard work and thinking for you, and all you have to do is select the Christmas meals and Christmas plates that fit your family best. And with free shipping over $35 and two-day shipping on thousands of items, can’t you already taste the holiday deliciousness?