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Football & Tailgate
Throw an epic football party

Hosting a football party or tailgate doesn’t have to be difficult. From the ingredients for your homemade chili to plenty of chips, dips, and snacks, we’ve got the groceries you need to feed a whole crowd. Looking for some easy tailgate food with minimal assembly required? Whether you’re into quick sliders or your grandma’s classic coleslaw, you can find those ingredients here too and check off your entire tailgating food list at once. Taking care of your tailgate is that easy.

Don’t forget to check out fun tailgating games like lawn bowling and horseshoes. While some of the best tailgating games come in complete sets, and we’ve also got stuff you can use to make up your own football tailgate games. (Like chalk — just use your imagination.) The best tailgating games usually involve throwing things, so make sure you don’t forget the beanie bags and ping pong balls. And for football tailgate games that won’t take out anyone’s eye, just go for the chalk, like we said.

Finally, no football party would be complete without tons of football party decorations. Get football decorations for outside and football decorations for inside, because you never know where you’ll feel like getting your game on. And whether you want cool tableware or you just need some oversized jerseys, we’ve got something for everyone — even folding chairs, because some people just like to sit. From fun tailgating games to easy tailgate food and snacks, everything you need to party all season is right here. So what are you waiting for?

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