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There’s no dinner party quite like Friendsgiving. Shop to find everything you need for an amazing holiday meal with your friends!

First thing’s first: What is Friendsgiving? Well, it’s exactly what it sounds like. Imagine Thanksgiving, with all the food and friends and football, but without the family drama. Pretty good, right? For some people, who live far from their family, it’s a lifesaver. For others, Friendsgiving provides a fun, chill alternative to Turkey Day. No matter the reason you hang up Friendsgiving decorations, we are here to make it easy.

Now, you might be asking yourself when is Friendsgiving? The good news is there’s no one answer — Friendsgiving invitations can call for a party pretty much any time in November. That means you can celebrate Friendsgiving even if you already have Thanksgiving plans. Technically, you could be wishing people Happy Thanksgiving every day of November, which would might get you some confused looks, but also probably earn you some excitable new friends. Decent trade-off, we’d say.

So, what are the hot Friendsgiving recipes this year? The great thing about the Friendsgiving menu is that it can be as traditional or creative as you’d like. Turkey? Of course. Avocado toast? Hey, why not?! If you get a Friendsgiving invite, you really are being invited to try out all different kinds of Friendsgiving food ideas. Our huge selection of food and supplies will make deciding what to bring for Friendsgiving a piece of cake (which is also a good Friendsgiving food idea).

Another excellent aspect of Friendsgiving is all the extra fun that is included. Family may not appreciate these things, but Friendsgiving drinking games are all the rage, and very encouraged (we are thankful for big bottles of water). You can get a little daring with your dress for the day too; we’ve got all kinds of inspirations for Thanksgiving outfit ideas that’ll make your friends grateful for having such a stylish friend. Plus, with free shipping over $35 and 2-day shipping on thousands of items, you may just want to send us a Friendsgiving invitation!.