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Holiday Decor

The right Christmas decorations make the most wonderful time of the year even better. Shop for Christmas lights, ornaments and more!

There are few traditions like decorating a Christmas tree with family and friends. Gathering around, rediscovering your favorite Christmas ornament and Christmas tree lights, and hanging them on the tree — OK, we’ve already got the warm fuzzies. This year, we’ll help you make memories with new Christmas tree ornaments, Christmas tree lights, and Christmas tree toppers. Because no matter how amazing your decorated Christmas trees, they ain’t finished without an amazing topper. That’s a rule. Another rule: avoid a mess with a durable Christmas tree skirt. You’ll thank us.

Christmas decor is way more than trees, of course. As fun as it is to put up Christmas ornaments, it’s also a joy to hang Christmas stockings to the fireplace (or wherever you want to hang them). Our Christmas stocking kits allow you to customize your own stocking, and safely fasten them with the all-important Christmas stocking holders. They’re vintage Christmas decorations for a reason: they look awesome, and also, you have to fill them up with gifts. More stockings, more gifts — genius! Now, if only more Christmas table decorations meant more dessert.

Finding the best Christmas decorations ideas shouldn’t be a competition or anything (make sure you convey this message to your show-off neighbor), but there’s nothing wrong with going big and showing off your Christmas outdoor decorations. Nothing says “we have fun here” like outdoor Christmas lights (and outdoor Christmas laser lights!), and we’ve got great LED Christmas lights like the very classy white Christmas lights. And while you can see those from inside your home, fear not, because we also have Christmas window decorations galore.

The holiday season can be absolutely breathtaking, filled with decorated Christmas trees, outdoor Christmas lights and rustic Christmas decor. And putting them up as a family should be fun and easy. That’s why we’re here to help you find all the Christmas decorations you need in one place. Plus, with free shipping over $35 and 2-day shipping on thousands of items, you’ll have something else to celebrate.